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Challenge your local friends to a friendly game of golf in Wacky Golf Land or have hours of fun playing solo.
Explore the courses and enjoy the eye-popping visuals. Play through 6 different courses, each one with its own theme.
Make the main event of your party: invite your friends to play a round on the same mini-golf course!
Design your own course on a custom golf course map and play it in local pass and play multiplayer mode (only one headset needed).
Play solo or in local pass and play multiplayer mode (only one headset needed).
Play through 6 different courses, each one with its own theme.
Play with friends and family using up to 8 players in local pass and play multiplayer mode (only one headset needed).
Includes 4 VR swinging motion controllers.
Requires a recent generation of VR headset with 6 degree of freedom tracking (PC VR headset: Oculus Rift / Playstation VR).

What is new in version 0.2.0:

· Added a Patch Notes section.
· Tournament mode added.

What is new in version 0.1.0:

· Initial release of Wacky Golf Land

Screenshots of Wacky Golf Land


Yes, it’s possible with Kongregate. Just use the Google Cardboard solution and you’ll be good. Follow these instructions to get it up and running.
Once you get the Cardboard solution done, you will need a web browser so you will need to have a previous PC set up.

Cancer is a disease in which normal cells become abnormal and proliferate uncontrollably. In the 1930’s scientists made the first breakthrough in cancer by demonstrating that cancer was a disease of the cell and that the cells that grow and divide uncontrollably in tumors were normal human cells that had lost their “order” in the course of their evolutionary development. This finding led to the realization that cancer is a


Features Key:

    • Single player and multiplayer: available for free download. Obviously,
      multiply player mode allows you to make fun of your friends (or others)
      when they can’t even get their (playable) joystick straight ahead.
    • Easy to learn: learn better and more fun by playing the game and
      avoiding random disputable combos. Or, if you want, play the game
      using different surfaces: hard, rubber, sawdust (or even sand) are all
      accepted and recommended game surfaces.
    • Interactive teaching tools: if you find a combo in a particular
      mode (ranged, area, or story mode) at an impossibly high speed, the
      game will instantly replay that line of attack to show you how to do it
      better, until you eventually defeat the speed limit of that combo and
      obtain it for yourself, by your own ai/input.
    • Easy to remember: as with some other retro games, a series of new
      characters will be added in each new level, which will include new
      combos, but will repeat the same environment: the same stage, the same
      game mode.
    • Unlockable levels: there are 101 stages, and 101 stage runs,
      increasing in difficulty in a way you can unlock at your will. But, if
      you’re one impatient guy (or girl), this can be achieved with just 5
      combos: if you miss just one, you’ll never unlock (some stages) of the
    • Main game campaigns: with various “what’s going on? what should
      we do?”, main game campaigns, showed in story mode, are not included
      in the package, but this is easily and cheaply replaced by simply
      installing the patches included in this package.


    Gravity Run

    FlyWings 2018 brings to you the total of a superb and endless experience in aviation! From takeoff to landing – your favorite and the most famous airports and cities are available!
    FlyWings 2018 will take you to the most beautiful cities in the world! It will let you select from a wide variety of airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft, to explore with!
    So, what are you waiting for? Come and try this wonderful flight simulator! Download it now! And you will not be disappointed!

    Play the full version of the game and download maps of all the other cities!!!

    You will get a notification when you are connected to the internet!

    Give us 5 STARS! Love your game and help us to improve it!!!

    What’s New

    Version 1.30.2- fixed incompatibility with Air Traffic Managers – fixed some bugs with ADR (Aug 2018)- fixed some bugs with graphics and shadow quality (28 Aug 2018)- fixed the PS4 HDR fixed (28 Aug 2018)- fixed the “Toggle SD Card” option not working in the PS4 (28 Aug 2018)

    Have any problems with the game? Write us and we will try to fix it. _________________Joacir2010

    What’s New in This Version
    Version 1.28:
    -Flight Controllers, Boeing and Eurocopter models are included in the First launch pack,
    -The ability to save your aircraft configurations is also included in the First launch pack,Tag Archives: tomatoes

    I finally broke down and made the decision to pick up a decent summer eatery to go. It was on my way home from errands last week, which is a bit of a hike, that I decided to try a new … Continue reading →

    It’s been a month since I’ve posted, which hasn’t been my usual standard. I have been busy with work, gardening, and health, and it’s starting to taper off. A lot of my posts have been delayed because I was out and … Continue reading →The SitePoint Forums have moved.

    You can now find them here.
    This forum is now closed to new posts, but you can browse existing content.
    You can find out more information about the move and how to open a new account (if necessary) here.
    If you get stuck you can get support by emailing forums@sitepoint.com

    If this


    Gravity Run Crack + [Win/Mac]

    – Choose your flute and start experiencing the mysterious and scary world as a Flute Master.
    – As you explore the neighbourhood, you can come across various instruments and flutes of different colours and materials, each with its own purpose and will.
    – Different recording sequences have unique effects, so you’ll want to record all the instruments before deciding on which one will best suit the Trick or Treat tune you want to create.
    – Use your favourite flute or instrument to record notes one by one, or all the instruments at once using a combination of record buttons.
    – If you wish to save a certain part, tap the record button to mark it, then tap the “save” button and name the tune.
    – You can also make the tune playing continuously if you tap the “Play” button.
    – When recording the final part, tap the record button to save it into your collection, and tap it again to make it continuously playing.
    – Visit the “SnareR” Store and buy new and classic percussion instruments from various FluteMaster titles. They will be waiting for you in the “Perf-Store”!
    ​- Choose your preferred tuning using the “Tuning” button.
    – Enjoy the sounds of amazing flute music from Flute Master titles.
    – Listen to your favourite flute compositions that are totally free of charge!
    System Requirements:
    -Supported OS : iOS 7.0 or later
    -Minimum: iOS 8.0
    -Maximum: iOS 12.0
    Game Features:
    1. Record Up to 10 instruments
    – Choose from 4 different flutes, from a red glass-like flute to a glass bottle flute.
    – There are 5 different percussion instruments to choose from.
    – You can also get a performance contest sheet inside the game. You can choose a track from the previously recorded tracks, and set how you wish to play the track.
    – You can choose your timing and record it!
    2. Endless Recordings
    – It is a game that lets you enjoy unlimited recordings.
    – If you want to start recording again, tap “Play” button to make the recording continue!
    3. 3 New Tracks
    – All 3 tracks are free of charge!
    – You can choose which track you want to play, and start recording!
    – On the track play screen, you can manage the recording freely by tapping the tools on the right side.
    4. Trick-or


    What’s new:

    Jul 25, 2018

    If you ever had the chance to try OUTBRA and CANSTAG, you will find out that it truly is a perfect combination to finally create the perfect sleep and wake-up regimen to work and work out. This is the one that delivers the most impact of all sleep and wake energy bottles on the market. AND do not get me wrong, I know how to manage energy levels, but the only one that’s delivered everything to my satisfaction is the Energi Pot. I love it!

    This is what the bottle looks like in the box

    July 19, 2018

    The Gaia Luminous Zephyr Gemstone from Cleopatra is truly unique I love the texture of this gray colored stone in the shape of a teardrop it is wonderful. The stone itself is almost like a mineral a little bit fuzzy without being chalky to the touch feels very soothing massaging into your skin or adding to massage lotion. Its reflective of the natural pulsating energy of the earth and the heavens. I recommend these to all if you haven’t got any already you should get some right away! Try the Golder’s gem stone and the Emeralds!!!

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    The bed protects up to 400GSM of softness

    We love the Frank Benamour

    They are available in small, medium, large and extra large

    This mattress protector comes in hundreds of fabrics, designs and colors to coordinate with your style.

    My best friend if


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    Golf Ball: Game of Links is a classic puzzle game where you play an invisible golf ball to hit the holes in a golf course. This game is easy to play but difficult to master. Avoid hitting the obstacles and you’ll beat the game.
    ? Hitting the hole scores you the point!
    ? There are 14 exclusive levels in this game.
    ? You can share your score on Facebook.
    ? Different types of obstacles: Blocks, slopes, objects, holes and missing holes
    ? Progress through golf levels increasing their complexity.
    ? The game is extremely challenging, but also very fun.
    ? Enjoy a bonus level based on the Netflix hit series, ‘Longmire’.
    ? A classic puzzle game with an update of the gameplay.
    ? Screenshots are on-screen now!
    ? Hold the mouse button down for a bonus level.A countertop particulate filtering device is represented by a Type V stainless-steel filter element. The Type V filter element has a negative “V” shaped pleat pattern that is a feature of nonwoven cellulose acetate fibers bonded together to form a filter medium. Such a filter element is manufactured by Bradford Engineering, Inc. of Chaska, Minn. under the registered trademark “Cel-P” and is shown in the brochure entitled “Cel-P” and published by Bradford Engineering, Inc. (e.g., page 4, first paragraph, “The Cel-P”).
    The brochure discloses that the Cel-P may be installed in a range hood (e.g., the Bradford range hood shown in brochure page 4 and Figure 2) by removing a bottom unit and inserting the Cel-P into a bottom frame. The top and bottom units include separate top and bottom frame members. The top and bottom frame members are removable and may be replaced with frame members that are identical in construction.Ekklesia considers joining a mass prayer protest in St Andrews – but not before praising the actions of the Emergency Coalition


    1 July 2013

    As many as 10,000 people are expected to join the Growing Together for Justice mass protest prayer event at St Andrews Episcopal Cathedral, St Andrews, Fife, tomorrow, Friday 1 July, at 3 p.m. The event includes a mass procession of people who will pray for Scotland and for an end to austerity, as well as a national day of prayer to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Edinburgh Easter Riots. The Ekk


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Tue, 05 Jan 2017 15:08:17 +0000Hospitals can provide state-of-the-art services and specialized care to people who are sick and to those in need of testing and monitoring. Unfortunately, too many people choose to use an unlicensed, illegal medical cannabis dispensary instead.

Ignorant and uninformed patients could be at risk of sickness and injury because of the unregulated products often purchased at these locations. Consumers shouldn’t have to search for a safe and reliable source for cannabis.

Your safe choice is to support the efforts of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission as it brings patient protection into a regulated market.

The consumer interest law that will guide the future of the Massachusetts cannabis industry provides the framework to protect the public from dangerous products.

I believe that people who work in the cannabis industry and those who live in the communities have incredible value in the construction of a positive future.

I firmly believe that the consumer interest law that will guide the future of the Massachusetts cannabis industry provides the framework to protect the public from dangerous products.

It’s well past time that we answer this legislative void that has denied safe access to people across the commonwealth for too long.

The CSWC is the body charged by law to interpret, enforce, and enact rulemaking for this new industry and position the commonwealth to be best positioned to develop and prosper in this new age of cannabis.

The commission has not been delivering on its mandate. Months after governor Charlie Baker announced his support for a public health policy that allows patients the choice of safe and legal access to this medicine and the commission created, its mandate appears to be very light on the responsibility of patient protection.

In Massachusetts, more than 11,000 cannabis cards have been issued in a matter



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