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Classic Sokoban meets Tetris, built with the user in mind. With a great track record for providing puzzles over the years, Sokoban: Bunny Tales is sure to be a hit among puzzle lovers.
Touch/Android Controls: Use the stylus to move your ball as if you were using a real Sokoban board. Left-click makes your ball jump and right-click makes it fall.
Create Rooms: Share your creation with other players with an emailed link. Watch the other player’s puzzlement when you share your room.
Minimalist Interface: A simple, clean design for touch devices.
High Score: Winning scores and player rankings are all included.
What’s New
Android: 10 new levels.
Revision history:
0.18 – 4/21/2012 – Allow right-click to fall.
0.17 – 2/10/2012 – Added new level editor.
0.16 – 6/25/2011 – 1:10.00 fixed version.
0.15 – 5/22/2011 – New game speed setting. New level editor.
0.14 – 4/3/2011 – Cleaned up the interface. New picture mode. New editor.
0.13 – 3/27/2011 – New level editor. New editor configurations.
0.12 – 3/8/2011 – New puzzle types. New editor. New sound effects.
0.11 – 2/21/2011 – New level editor. New editor configurations.
0.10 – 1/26/2011 – New speed setting. New levels. New editor. New background settings.
0.07 – 5/23/2010 – New editor. Improved game speed.
0.06 – 10/31/2009 – New background. New editors.
0.05 – 9/24/2009 – Rotate levels. New editors. New background.
0.04 – 9/10/2009 – Intro. New level editor.
0.03 – 8/23/2009 – 1.00.00 final version.
0.02 – 8/19/2009 – Pre-alpha version.
Download Link

Sokoban: Bunny Tales is a wonderful puzzle game inspired by Tetris and classic Sokoban. Use the stylus to drag blocks to their drop zones


Features Key:

  • Simple gameplay (requires no power source, no wires and no actions)
  • Random worlds, unlimited worlds
  • Extremely powerful searching skills
  • Multiple elements – from buttons to magnets and lots more to click on
  • Fun sounds, amazing background music
  • Beautiful graphics including over 3 dozen special effects
  • Random level generation allowing you to set the difficulty at your own pace
  • Are you really bored? Play th…
  • Belongings
    [Download] [Review by @KingFisher]
    Fri, 15 Jul 2014 18:28:23 +0000
    Game Review: “JezzBall” (of the Sky) Version 3.2.22 6th December 2013



    [Review by @KingFisher]

    Saturday morning on Xbox Live and I really wanted to get back to playing JezzBall in a proper fashion – high scores seemed so much easier back when I first started using the thunar file manager and playing on Console. Funnily enough, they don’t quite work the same way on Linux.


    • Random worlds, unlimited worlds
    • Explosions
    • Players as many elves as you can fit
    • A powerful wizard type figure whom you can use to cast magic effects and unlock new powers
    • You’re basically a wizard who can teleport people!
    • Say what??
    • Spells are any objects lying around like arrows, door locks, rolling pins, etc
    • Faster more effective variants of teleportation spells can be cast by using extra mana potions
    • Enemies
    • Enemies are hostile because they are an evil wizard type and want to kill you

      Farm Manager 2021

      A battle between you and friends on your phone or tablet!
      “Treasure Hunt” is a fun turn-based Strategy game where you tap your way through procedurally generated AI opponents, in order to help the King (X) collect all the gold and treasures from the different planets he has discovered.
      Each planet has its own unique underground infrastructure, which determines which resources are available to collect.
      As you collect resources, you create armies, train them, and then attack the enemy’s base to steal their gold and resources.
      The King may have a special ability. Use it wisely and avoid making a wrong move.
      Become the King of the Planet!
      * You can now send custom sounds to friends! Enjoy sending custom dinos sounds to your friends now!
      * Optimized graphics and gameplay!
      * Now a fullscreen mode available!
      If you have a problem on Android device, please reach out to us. More info at

      Show More…

      What’s New

      – Optimized visual effects.- Changed the difficulty settings.- Added more time to random battles.- Added the users tile to the map.

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      6 Morphing Ninja Costumes exist, each with different effects upon awakening.While the costumed characters lie sleeping, the following features are checked:
      1. “Breathing”
      2. “Innervation”
      3. “Blood”
      4. “Classes”
      5. “Fighting Style”
      6. “Shiny”
      When awakened, the costume changes to its ACTIVE form.As Zack gains EXP, his MORPHS will become more powerful and he will become a more fearsome opponent.
      Game “DOA6 Morphing Ninja Costume – Zack” Soundtrack:
      Assorted Music:
      1. “I Fought The Law” by TRIXTER
      2. “Looking For Love” by Geraint Watkins
      3. “Gift” by Frank Welker
      4. “Wolf into the Night” by Thrash Metal Mentor
      5. “Soul Stomp” by Ruth Dvornik
      6. “Flash Jumps” by Super-Opossums
      7. “Awakening of Mad Jack” by Super-Opossums
      8. “K.O. Kid” by Brittney Crowder
      9. “John” by Ramin Djawadi
      10. “Super Resolution Demo Track” by Exeter Film Ensemble
      11. “Sensation Par” by Lee Smith
      12. “Gun Crew Engine” by Exeter Film Ensemble
      13. “Minute” by Dan Deacon
      14. “Blame Me” by Bethlehem Gates
      15. “Feathers Redux” by Lee Smith
      16. “Firecracker” by The Pagemaster feat. Cooler
      17. “Moonset” by The Pagemaster feat. Geraint Watkins
      18. “Closing Circles” by Low Steppes
      19. “The Trial” by Dan Deacon
      20. “Free” by Low Steppes
      21. “The Bluebird” by Contech
      22. “Lazer Blast” by Boogz
      23. “Big Boss Section” by V-Rich
      24. “The Open” by The Pagemaster
      25. “Deserted” by Samantha Cray
      26. “Ice Age Trivia” by Dan Deacon
      27. “Skinned Alive” by The Pagemaster feat. Charley Brown
      28. “Fall” by Trey Rieger
      29. “


      What’s new in Farm Manager 2021:

        Shang Mountains

        Gwyllining Valley, Rivers Of Life

        Hasty Rivers

        Peaks Of Aran

        Heap Of The Dragons

        Our thoughts turn back to the sea again, particularly to the Western Ocean and the island of Dalriada. The Western Ocean takes us to a place called Feshneach (thanks to Brendan for this). According to the tales, there is a great sea creature in this area, called “Elladach” or “Shilkacht”, which looks like a dragon. The lore tells us that this place has a certain property to it that makes something of its waters better and purer than anywhere else in the world. It has a twinkling as if it were bright, although we at times regret that it is so clear and jewel-like in a land of endless moors and marshes. We can only hope that these waters can also wash away the blemish from the hands of the people of this land.

        Our spirits stir as we approach the land of Arran. The Aran Islands lie in between Fadda Falbaidh and Iarmainn and are known for being a place of great spiritual significance in the Goidelic world. We will have a little lecture on Place Names and their meanings. But do not worry, we do not intend to quote parts of the Lore Compendium into our Songs yet.

        The lore tells us that this land was populated by the Fir Bolg and their human slaves after they left Ireland. The Fir Bolg are first mentioned in the second millennium BCE by the folk tales, and were semi-mythical, semi-historical people, first mentioned in the 6th century BCE by an Egyptian scholar called Manetho. There were various groups or tribes of the Fir Bolg, and they spread throughout the western part of the known universe until they populated much of the known world.

        The Fir Bolg are usually mentioned in the context of their war with the Milesians for the rule of the island. The early Milesians, who are first mentioned in the second millennium BCE, were a Gaelic speaking people who settled in what is now known as Scotland as well as the rest of Ireland. In the late 6th to early 5th century BCE, a group of Irish settlers, namely the Milesians, moved into what is now Scotland and Ireland. The very first Gaelic tribes in Scotland were the Northern, or Picts,


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        Strategy is Dead is the award winning reboot of the classic turn-based war game of turn-based battles of such mastery that you have probably played it multiple times. The change in the name reflects the transition from “Strategy” to “Strategy Dead”. This is a very difficult, yet addictive, turn-based game where you must control a vast network of units and use strategically placed logistics nodes to perform very specific actions.
        The player must build a single string of logistical and military units from one city to another and build a defense against two enemy armies. The player has a network of supply and reinforcement nodes throughout the game that interact with other individual cities, allowing the player to alter the effectiveness of the game. Cities form strategic hubs of military, food, and raw materials and each has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.
        Control of a single city can quickly turn into a full blown war. The further you manage to conquer the more points you gain. You must calculate all possible consequences with every move you make. There are multiple strategic possibilities and the complexity is immense.
        Strategy is Dead gives you more control over the management of your resources. You decide what units to build, how to build them, where to build them, and when to build them. There are no predefined missions or orders. There are no random events. The board layouts are completely dynamic and you can craft every single turn!
        The game has a variety of units and game modes. Players can get the most from their game by mixing and matching units. There are multiple difficulty levels and strategies. The open world map lets you search the galaxy for more than just the one city, you can go anywhere.
        There is a full singleplayer mode and a multiplayer mode where up to 6 people can play at the same time. Multiple locations allow you to play anywhere in the world, anywhere in space or on the stars.
        Become a general in an interstellar war of betterment by managing your ship and soldiers. Conduct the greatest of moves when you control your own fleet across the universe. Unleash your soldiers and your ships on the galactic arena to prove your worthiness as a ruler and a master strategist.
        Singleplayer mode:
        Singleplayer mode lets you choose the difficulty level, the number of possible turns, and you can play through a story or mission mode. For the mission mode, you play through all game modes and choose a story and difficulty level.
        Singleplayer mode Features:
        + Singleplayer mission mode with 8 unique


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      System Requirements For Farm Manager 2021:

      OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.8 GHz
      Memory: 4 GB RAM
      Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card with a minimum of 512 MB RAM
      DirectX: Version 9.0c
      Network: Broadband Internet Connection
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.8 GHz



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